Resist the urge to dislike people who put these silly stickers on their cars. They're still people, too.

I normally do not post over here on Life as an Experiment regarding my posts on our Blog for Eco-Protective Products, but today’s post is different. Today, I invite you to head over there and add to the conversation that I have started.

The idea for the post came to me not as a marketing professional but rather as Jamey Burrell. You know? The person. The one who has a birth certificate and a Social Security Card, a favorite band, gross looking scars, nervous habits, a Kroger Plus card, a gym membership, and parents. He has cracked/lost/or submerged at least a dozen cell phones. He hides his secrets and rarely shows his eccentricities. He’s protected with calloused hands yet maintains a soft heart. He cringes to think of the innumerable embarrassing stories yet quietly, humbly beams for the tales of triumph.

He can be categorized by race, nationality, income status, education, temperament, relationship status, and much more, but what is important to remember, is that he is human. He is you, he is me, he is everyone. I could continue on here, but I’d rather you hop over to Eco-Protective Products’ Blog and read the post over there. If, when you finish reading, you feel so compelled to come back here to leave a comment, please do, but go. Now. Get out of here. Here’s the link again. 



Why are you still here?

This is getting old. 


This isn’t a game.

Ok. Better. 

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  • Justin

    Hi Jamey,
    I like what you had to say here and I will check out your post at your other site.
    Take care…

    • James D. Burrell II

      Thanks Justin. Glad you stopped by.