“[if] you are feeling uncomfortable, uncertain or afraid, press forward instead of retreating. Experience the feeling of discomfort and accept it for what it is—a feeling. Recognize that a feeling does not have the power to stop you. Push on, and eventually you will reach your goal.” – T. Harv Ecker

Monday, November 22 – Sunday, November 28

One day, they too will wield the power of the ballot. SIgh.

Well, like forgetting the name of my 6th Grade English Teacher, daily victories over fear, even how important they seem in the moment, can easily be forgotten. So, it has become abundantly clear, A) I have to stop being such a bum in following up the week with an immediate post, or B) I need to keep documentation. Heaven forbid I forget to post about the encounter with my dreaded arch nemesis, [insert any pop culture icon here] and forget to share it with you. It would be a travesty of Da Vinci Codical (not biblical) proportions. — Truthfully speaking, I have no grudge towards Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber; it’s their mindless, idiotic, bane on society fans that drive me insane. Another reason why I’m an advocate of voter aptitude tests before casting a ballot, but that’s best left for another post. Without further ado and introduction — and stalling because I’m a little foggy on the details of this week, I give you, week 3 of Be Brave.

Monday Yippee, It’s the week of Thanksgiving, which means I’ll be making the 360 mile (short) drive from Charleston to Atlanta to see the family — and friends. Gotta get to Wednesday thought. Today was all about attitude. I’m happy to be heading home and that joy exuded from me. I had the strength, and yes I call it a strength, to allow my bubbly mood carry with me the whole day. I don’t care if not a single person took me seriously. I had fun being alive today.

Tuesday My daily planner tells me I checked out the Alchemist today. If I did, well, once I finish (I already have) I’ll no that nothing can overtake me if I give myself to finding & following my Personal Legend. And that takes the most courage of all. Remember, it’s you who’s taking the breaths. You will likely talk more to yourself in your lifetime than all your other conversations combined. If you are not happy with yourself, you’ll not be having happy conversations.

Wednesday My lucky stars, I’m heading home. Today’s challenge, despite my Level 60 (for all you gamers) Road Rage, I cast a tranquility spell on myself to enjoy the ride home no matter how bad traffic became. Typical 4 hour 30 minute drive turned into nearly 8. I had to take detours around accidents, sit in  gridlock, but all the while I smiled for I was heading home to see my momma, and no matter my hour of arrival, she would be there. Love you mom.

Thursday Could it really be Thanksgiving in Atlanta if I wasn’t hungover? Nope. Got home Wednesday by 10PM. Had enough time to hug my parents, shower, and hit the road for the 20 minute drive to the city. Out with the boys yet again. I learned 2 things 1) I don’t really drink like I used to & can’t really handle staying up late… or shots 2) I left a lot of people that love me when I moved from Atlanta. After pulling myself of a Chad’s couch at 6AM with 3 hours of sleep under my belt, headed home to shower then off to the grandparents’. Challenge: Be charming, be kind, be gregarious (I really clam up when I’m hungover), & don’t reek of alcohol. Performance: Spot on. So much so that my Grandmother, amidst welling tears, told me how much of a wonderful MAN (yes, not “young man, but MAN”) I’d become. By day’s end, I was exhausted but better for it.

Friday Done this one before. The art of NO. “No I will not be joining you all for drinks. I don’t care that your girlfriend has a cute friend that is eager to meet me….Paying for my drinks is a great gesture, but it’s not gonna sway me… I already had you slotted to sing at my wedding, so that’s not much of an offer… you’re a pretty ugly dude, so I’ll pass on your first born, he’ll probably be ugly just like you…..” I stayed home and had one of the most wonderful seemingly endless conversations with my mom. We talked about life, love, parenthood (no, I’m not there yet – case and point, epic failure of a date last night), and 2010 and the lessons I’ve learned and that she’s she light on. I wish I could go back to when I was 14-18 and beat the shit out of myself for being so mean to such a wonderful lady, but I reckon, I wouldn’t have ever developed the appreciation I have for her now. I may look & act like my father, but rest assured, I’m a momma’s boy through and through.

Saturday Ok, so I stayed in on Friday. That could only mean one thing, I’m gonna be bombarded with texts, phone calls and an occasional smoke signal to be a social participant today. I succumbed to the peer pressure and went to Athens, GA for the UGA vs. Georgia Tech football game (see: Friendships: There’s no Groupon for That) for more about this day and why I’m glad I caved and went.

Sunday Nothing brave about Sunday. Epic hangover. Laid in the guest bedroom (yea, my parents did away with my room in 2008 when I moved out…finally). Ate when I felt like it. Watched Netflix. Didn’t drive home. It was glorious laziness, and I’m not ashamed at all about that.

** Image Credit: Neon Monster

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